FOMA Launch

In 2019, FOMA is proud to work in conjunction with so many accomplished and emerging designers, models, and foreign embassy representatives from across Australia and the globe. The team looks forward to showcasing the diverse and vibrant origins of Australian fashion through those involved, and we thank you for confirming your participation in FOMA 2019.


We ask that you kindly review the details below, which will provide a detailed overview of how the Runway Show will operate and what is required from your end to make the day a success.


FOMA 2019 Timeline TBC

Pre-Event Volunteer Briefing: TBC

Pre-Event Model and Designer Briefing: TBC

Pre-Event Cultural Activation Pod Briefing: TBC

Bump In: 6 AM

Dry Run/AV Run:

Cultural Activation Pods Open to Public: 12 PM – 4 PM

FOMA Runway Showcase: 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM

Bump Out: Prior to 10 PM


Cultural Activation Pods

The cultural activation pods will be open for public access between 12 PM – 4 PM. This will provide the opportunity for attendees to gain insights into designs, cultures, and countries. An area will be provided for you to set up your activation pod, and will include a table, any pre-required power outlets, and signage. Your designated table number will be provided to you pre-event.


Please ensure that you have allocated enough time to completely set up your cultural activation pod prior to 12 PM and that you have organised for someone to occupy that pod for through to 4pm. Designers will be permitted to sell their designs at the cultural activation pods. If you intend to do this, please ensure that you bring with you all required petty cash, EFTPOS machines, envelopes and money tins as this will not be provided for you.



Designers will be required to arrive at the venue no later than 7 AM with all of their designs organised, ordered, and ready to go. The designs must be clearly labelled with your brand, categorized into set numbers, and if applicable, marked with the designated models name.


Hangers will be provided on site but we request that all designers bring their own coat hangers with them. Any preferred music will need to be provided to the FOMA team prior to the event, and you will also be required to bring with you a backup set of music on a usb on the day of the event.​