Fashion is a common denominator among all cultures and a catalyst for social cohesion.

Fashions of Multicultural Australia 2018

1. The FOMA 2018 Media Launch

2. The FOMA 2018 Historic and Cultural Exhibit

Friday, 9th March 2018 


3. The FOMA 2018 Runway Show

Details Coming Soon

The FOMA 2018 Historic and Cultural Exhibit

March 08, 2018

2 PM at Riverside Theatres Parramatta


The FOMA historic and cultural exhibition will showcase a variety of historic artifacts and items of clothing that have shaped the many diverse cultures that comprise Australia’s contemporary landscape. In a free and publicly accessible exhibition, participants will receive key insights into fashion’s past and discover how this history has impacted the broad range of cultures residing in Australia today.

The FOMA 2018 Runway Show

March 09, 2018

6 PM - 8 PM at Riverside Theaters Courtyard 


The FOMA runway show will feature a diverse range of cultural fashion pieces that highlight the uniqueness of Australia’s cultural landscape, whilst simultaneously celebrating the beauty in difference. the runway show will give viewers an all encompassing view of what defines ‘fashion’ in Australia, one of the most multicultural nations in the world. The runway show will be capped off with a grand multicultural finale, which will seamlessly blend together the varying styles and coutures of all partaking cultures.

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