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FOMA 2023 Australian Indigenous Artist | Danielle Mate
Summer Fun 85

Our story

Stemming from our nation’s diverse landscape are a myriad of unique stories, perspectives, customs, and social identities, all of which function harmoniously to position multiculturalism as one of Australia’s greatest strengths.

FOMA continues to leverage the influence of our creative sectors across a variety of mediums, showcasing to a global audience the interweaving threads that collectively form the unique identity of contemporary Australia from an economic and cultural perspective.

FOMA annually presents an exciting line up of initiatives that comprise of activations, panel discussions, cultural exhibits and runway shows in collaboration with Foreign governments and Cultural Institutions, FOMA will serve to further sustain Australia’s diverse creative sector.


FOMA is proudly supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, NSW. 

Major Breakthrough for Participating FOMA Designers over the years

  • Indigenous FOMA Designer 2018 Colleen Tighe Johnson named NSW Emerging Creative Talent at 2018 NSW Creative Achievement Awards - read more here

  • Anjilla Seddeqi, FOMA 2019 Refugee Designer from Afghanistan featured in Harper's  Bazaar centre spread post the runway and is now a renowned name in the industry - read more here


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