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Image by John Cameron


Buluuy Mirrii
Colleen Tighe Johnson, Creative Director

"It was such an honour to open the inaugural event for FOMA's Launch Runway, to showcase my cultural heritage of the oldest living people in the world. A unique event with a platform to showcase the elite artist and their creativity from many cultures and countries.

I feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing platform to our culture and the world. I look forward to the upcoming initiatives with FOMA and the diversity of a strong showcase. Many thanks to Sonia and the Gandhi Creations Pty Ltd team"

Anjilla Khwaja
Anjilla Seddeqi, Creative Director

"FOMA is a highlight in my designing career. It was a springboard for me to achieve and gain recognition from the Australian fashion industry. It was through FOMA and it's Ambassador, the fashion anthropologist, Charlotte Smith that I was able to connect with the Kirstie Clements, the Fashion Director at Harpers Bazaar, and had the opportunity to be featured in their magazine as a designer who is revolutionising modest fashion. 

Both Sonia and Charlotte have been great supported of my work and have at every stage celebrated my success and warmly embraced me. This is something that's unprecedented for me. They are personally committed to seeing me succeed and to foster my talent. I've never come across this level of dedication and commitment."

Scarab Rounge
Aida Guirguis, Founder and CEO

"My experience taking part in FOMA 2019 at The Cutaway, Barrangaroo, was simply unlike any other. It allowed me to approach and be supported by the Egyptian Consulate, which has opened opportunities for me to liaise and collaborate in the future with high end Egyptian fashion designers. A true liaison of modern and ancient culture."


"Allow me to express my deepest gratitude for your tireless efforts to hold "Fashions of Multicultural Australia" 2019 on the highest possible level. This bright and colourful event, based on a fresh new concept, become one of the highlights of this cultural season. The Embassy of the Russian Federation deeply appreciates the fact that Russian dimension was richly represented in all its diversity - from clothes to jewellery, from traditional handicrafts to the latest fashion trends. The Embassy was delighted to have an opportunity to share all these treasures with a new audience and I hope that next year we could find something new to surprise - maybe some day we'll even bring a designer from Russia."

Wendy Scully Millinery
Wendy Scully, Designer

"The opportunity to collaborate with designers from different cultures as well as vintage fashion experts has been wonderful. The relationships founded during FOMA continue to the present and beyond. I enjoy the chance to see the world of fashion from the perspective of people from different cultural backgrounds to my own. It is always a learning experience an exciting, and a chance to develop my skills as an artist to new heights."

Australian National Maritime Museum
Director and CEO, Kevin Sumption PSM

"I am pleased to welcome Fabrics of Multicultural Australia (FOMA) to the Australian National Maritime Museum. Multiculturalism is woven deep into the fabric of our Australian society. The Museum is the national home for the collection of stories of objects of migrants to this country. We tell these stories through exhibitions, publications and the National Monument to Migration. FOMA continues to highlight and promote the rich creative tapestry of multicultural Australia and demonstrate the interweaving of the many cultures that make up modern Australian identity."

Alberto Barros.jpg
FOMA 2018 Artist of the Year
Alberto Barros

"It was such an honour for the Alberto Barros team to be a part of a monumental occasion and also the inaugural FOMA event for which I am sure is the beginning of many more to come. To have a platform so unique that strays from mainstream fashion and instead puts an emphasis on the values and various cultures of unique fashion is such a great initiative. The calibre of all artists was breathtaking – it was an honour for us to be a part of it all!


We are also so blessed and honoured to have received the FOMA Artist of the Year Award. Thank you again Sonia and to the Gandhi Creations team for what is a wonderful platform."

FOMA Participating Artist
Ilham Ismail

"Thank you so much for letting me be a part of this historical event. It was the most organised and efficient show I have ever been involved in and would definitely do it again. FOMA platform is an outstanding initiative to be a part of and I am honoured to have contributed to making history. I am very excited to see what the future will unravel for me, through FOMA"


“Fabrics of Multicultural Australia, or FOMA, is an excellent initiative seeking to increase integration and understanding between cultures and to help foster greater social cohesion through the uniquely universal industry of fashion. The Republic of Korea is exceptionally honoured to be able to present Korean fashion alongside this collection of brilliant artist from around the world and would like to thank all the artist for their participation in this multicultural event.

The fashion industry is one of the most vibrant and diverse industries in the world. It is a sector that celebrates creativity and beauty whilst also generating endless opportunities in terms of global exchanges in both trade and investment. FOMA is representative of Australia’s greater dedication to the ideals of multiculturalism and should be congratulated for its contributions to greater cultural understanding”.

FOMA Model
Kassidy Young

"Being a model at the Fabrics of Multicultural Australia Soft Launch was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. I had the pleasure of modelling some truly breathtaking designs that allowed the audience to experience each artist’s unique heritage and vision. I believe FOMA has created something special; the event has provided a new platform for celebrating the wonderful diversity that exists in Australia."

unnamed (1).jpg
FOMA 2018 International Artist

Abdullah Öztoprak

"My key principle as an artist is that in order for me to showcase my outfits anywhere, I have to be able to send a message in doing so. Australia was the perfect venue for this message, being a big land of Peace and Humanity. FOMA provided me with a blank page in the form of a catwalk and musical notes in the form of models. I provided lyrics in the form of my outfits, instrumentation in the form of my choreography and with all this in tow was able to compose “Peace and Humanity” a song dedicated to the big land that can be called a mosaic of many cultures.


I am incredibly proud to have resonated in the hearts of the attendees with my showcase and am incredibly honoured to have received the “International Artist of the Year” award, one that I will be sure to speak of for years to come.  

This man with a studious heart and a head full of dreams loves you FOMA. Thank you."

China Cultural Centre
Xiayong Xiao, Director

The China Cultural Centre in Sydney is dedicated to enhancing the mutual understanding of the two nations and promoting the existing friendship between the two peoples. Having followed the FOMA platform since it was brought to my attention late last year, I am convinced that our mutual interest in furthering this relationship is well aligned.


FOMA, through it is demonstrated capacity to integrate communities, foster social cohesion, and forge bilateral trade opportunities, is an avenue of great promise for the China Cultural Centre in Sydney and a project we look forward to taking part in. We look forward to your direction around Chinese art, culture, and commerce will be showcased through the FOMA platform, and how we can collectively work to ensure maximum engagement and awareness from diverse communities is accomplished.

Untitled design (1).jpg

“It was indeed a pleasure to attend the event organized by the Fabrics of Multicultural Australia (FOMA). The event was filled with creativity and cultural diversity presented with harmony and style. FOMA possesses talent and  capacity to organize outstanding runway shows within a short span of time providing comprehensive coverage of the way of life of all continents. I congratulate FOMA and wish all the success in future pursuits.”

Alfia Galimova, Owner

"Alfia Galimova was one of the three designers representing Russia at the FOMA Showcase in 2019. Working collaboratively with Eugenia Lisichkina and Katya Komarova, the group created a debut collection. 

FOMA gives each designer a rare opportunity to showcase their work, and share their cultural identity, encouraging a cross-cultural exchange. This open dialogue allows us to learn and grow form each other's experiences of building new lives, and businesses in Australia."

1200px-Flag_of_Russia.svg (1).png
Portuguese Trade & Investment Agency
Carlos Pacheco, Trade Commissioner

“Fashion is an industry of diversity, creativity and harmony, a fingerprint of each country’s identity. Fabrics of Multicultural Australia unite in a single platform the uniqueness of each country that makes Australia so diverse and at the same time so unique. Thank you for recognizing the talent of our Artist that take Portuguese Fashion further”.

Lisa Havilah_edited.jpg

"The Powerhouse is proud to extend its support to Fabrics of Multicultural Australia (FOMA) and their ongoing efforts to celebrate excellence in fashion while supporting cultural expression. Working in the intersection between design, industry, and cultural heritage, FOMA provides an unparalleled opportunity to present the talent, innovation and cultural richness of a diversity of Australian communities."

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