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The FOMA Designer and Embassy Exhibit was a well attended free event for the public and embraced diversity through an immersive, multi-sensory experience, allowing guests to taste, smell, touch, hear and view some of the most significant items comprising the cultural and commercial identities of nations that make up the multicultural landscape of Australia. It featured some fantastic examples of current international fashion trends, as well as products and items that are of cultural and commercial significance to the partaking foreign embassies and consulates. 


FOMA would like to thank the Republic of Korea in Australia, The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Australia, The Embassy of Colombia in Australia, The Embassy of Chile in Australia, The Embassy of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Consulate General of Indonesia in Sydney, Consulate General of India in Sydney, Consulate General of The Arab Republic of Egypt, Consulate General of Ireland, Sydney, Consulate General of Kiribati, Sydney, Consulate General of Brazil, Sydney and Consulate General of Pakistan Sydney for their participation and to their teams for the ongoing support in making FOMA a huge success.


We look forward to presenting the opportunity of showcasing the diversity of products that enhance bi-lateral trade between Australia and other nations in 2020.


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