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Fabrics of Modern Australia


Fabrics of Modern Australia (FOMA), is dedicated to nurturing sustainable economic development within our creative sectors, with a particular focus on cross-cultural and intercultural fashion. 

Through a suite of annual initiatives and fashion runways, the FOMA platform collaborates with cultural institutions, local councils, Foreign Governments, and their Trade Commissions based in Australia, to cultivate and showcase a fashion industry that is both inclusive and vibrant, authentically mirroring the diversity and intricacy of our global society.

FOMA has established partnerships with 23 foreign governments and trade agencies, showcasing the works of 55 designer brands from 6 continents and 36 countries. This underscores the importance of diversity in fashion and culture within our trade relations.

The 7th Annual iteration of FOMA Runway and Exhibit will be kindly hosted at Sydney Observatory on Saturday 12th October 2024, an intersection of fashion, art, custom and culture.


FOMA's annual showcase returned with its immensely sought-after Cultural Exhibit and Runway Show in collaboration with Foreign Governments. FOMA continues to witness one of the largest gatherings of foreign governments in the creative sector with International and local artists across the two major events at one of Australia’s premier cultural institutions, the Powerhouse Museum. Powerhouse home to the first exclusive retrospective exhibition of renowned Australian Multicultural designer Carla Zampatti, encapsulating her trailblazing career over more than five decades.


"It was such an honour to open the inaugural event for FOMA's Launch Runway, to showcase my cultural heritage of the oldest living people in the world. A unique event with a platform to showcase the elite designers and their creativity from many cultures and countries.

I feel blessed to be a part of such an amazing platform in sharing our culture with the world. I look forward to the upcoming events with FOMA and the diversity of a strong showcase. Many thanks to Sonia and the Gandhi Creations Pty Ltd team"

 - Colleen Tighe Johnson, FOMA Opening Indigenous Showcase by a proud Gomeroi Woman 

"I wish to thank the FOMA team for their vision and their commitment to bring fashion diplomacy into the heart of Australia’s multicultural community. Fashion has an important role to play in promoting cultural heritage – textiles, accessories, designs and colors all come together to share the unique story of a people and their culture. Providing the platform for cultural expression through fashion helps to truly promote respect for diversity. Congratulations FOMA!"


-  Nina Cainglet, Minister and Consul General, Republic of the Philippines, Embassy of the Philippines, Canberra

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