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Fabrics of Multicultural Australia (FOMA) supported by In-Country partner Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission, Australia & New Zealand, across a 12 month campaign in 2023 will present diverse collaborations including our Annual FOMA Artistic & Cultural Exhibit and a Runway Showcase which featured diverse designers and foreign government activation hubs. FOMA continues to support the creative industries sector through economic empowerment of brands. 


  • FOMA x Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Creative Industries Roundtable - November 2023 (INVITE ONLY)

  • FOMA x Starry Sari Night Festival - Friday, 22 - Sunday 24, September 2023, from 5:00PM - 9:00PM

  • FOMA x Motherland African Festival - Friday, 19 - Sunday 21, May 2023, from 5:00PM - 9:00PM

  • FOMA Artistic & Cultural Exhibit - Friday, 23 June 2023, from 3:30PM to 8:00PM 

  • FOMA Fashion Runway - Friday, 23 June 2023, from 5:00PM to 8:00PM


FOMA In-Country Partner


The Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission aims to improve market access for Fijian products in Australia by promoting Fiji’s premium range of brands and connecting local buyers with Fijian businesses.

The Fijian apparel and fashion industry have a rich heritage, with a number of its fashion brands marketed all over the world. Fiji is home to many leading designers, and we are excited to showcase the wide range of high-quality Fijian brands as part of this year's FOMA Exhibit.



Logo GOES-azul_edited_edited.png

Fashion and Home Cluster from El Salvador, known as “SMODA”, is a remarkable endeavour aimed at promoting entrepreneurs and micro and small companies in the world of fashion within the Salvadoran fashion industry to created "SMODA - We are Fashion El Salvador."

SMODA is a cluster of Salvadoran companies that work in the economic sector of fashion and collaborate strategically for the development of design products.

MI TIERRA collection honours a time-sensitive process, natural materials that tell a story, its focus is on the journey of design in El Salvador. Thus, in this collection imagination and reality merge in a fashion dream,.


The Embassy of Israel in Australia is dedicated to promoting diplomatic relations, economic growth, cultural and academic affairs, and friendship between the State of Israel and Australia.


Like Australia, Israel is a multicultural country built on a dialogue between old and new, and this is reflected in the diverse makeup of Israel’s material culture.


To participate in FOMA is a truly exciting opportunity for The Embassy of Israel in Australia to share and display the innovative Israeli spirit and all that Israel has to offer! 

Moroccan embassy logo of australia FINAL 2.png

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco is dedicated to promoting the beauty that Morocco has to offer to the people of Australia. From its unique culture and rich history to its breathtaking natural beauty and stunning architecture, Morocco has something to offer for everyone which makes it a truly unique destination that attracts visitors from all over the world.

Moroccan fashion is deeply rooted in the country's history and cultural traditions. It is known for its intricate patterns, vibrant colours, and luxurious fabrics, which are often adorned with embroidery, beading, and other decorative elements.

DMS Summer Fun 85.jpg

Danielle has worked with a number of iconic Australian brands such as R.M Williams, The NRL, and The GO Foundation. A brand alliance with Danielle is much more than partnering with an artist, it is partnering with a cultural ambassador.


A descendant of the Murrawari people through her Mother’s maternal side, and Euahlayi people through her Mother’s paternal grandmother, Danielle has created a name for herself within the art world.

files_2023_06_15 (3).jpeg

Supported by Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission

Sugarose Fiji is a Fijian label that tailors timeless bespoke pieces merging Fijian culture with western influences. 
Atelaite Daunibau is the designer behind the brand and her designs have been sought after by modern Fijian brides. Atelaite was also FJFW 2010 Emerging Designer of the year. 
Her latest collection ‘Na I Dabedabe’ debuted at FJFW23 drawing influence from the Fijian voivoi, magimagi and masi with her stamp of street and evening wear


Astrid Moreno
Supported by The Embassy of El Salvador
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FOMA 2023 LOGO 23  062023-185.jpg
Supported by Embassy of Israel in Australia

Dor Chen and Anat Meshulam, Shenkar College of Engineering & Design graduates, are the dynamic duo behind Holyland Civilians, an Israeli fashion brand making the local global since its launch in 2016. Their unique urban-inspired collections blend workwear with resort-wear, infusing religious symbols with youth culture styles. The brand showcases local inspiration with an international attitude, advocating for inclusivity and love in a multicultural world.

FOMA 2023 LOGO 23  062023-83.jpg
Hupfeld Hoerder
Supported by Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission

Hupfeld Hoerder began designing whilst pursuing his undergrad studies at University making simple shift dresses to casual resort wear. Slowly the demand grew for more formal gowns and bridal wear, eventually leading into the Haute Couture category. He also moved into textile designs, where he has created fabric designs for Fiji National Athletes to the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. 

“Fiji – Pacific Fusion” - incorporates authentic fibres of the Pacific, with island motifs, beads and accessories.

FOMA 2023 LOGO 23  062023-222.jpg

JAVAD represents the most refined quality of luxurious art for living. 

Australian/Iranian award-winning visual artist Javad Ziaolhagh launched his fashion label in 2015 by creating his own silk scarves. All prints are based on Javad’s artworks and each piece has a story behind its creation. 

JAVAD has now expanded its collection to include an exclusive range of clothing that is uniquely beautiful and versatile.

JAVAD's collections are inspired by the transformation of colours, the vibration of light and a strong sense of place.

JAVAD are proud to exercise slow and sustainable fashion in every way that they can.

files_2023_06_13 (1).jpeg
FOMA 2023 LOGO 23  062023-267.jpg
Justine Ndayi

Justine Ndayi came up with the idea Kis-Simba in hopes of passing the culture down to the newer generations. Like many of our African Children, culture and traditions can easily get lost if not exposed the culture properly. For the past couple of years I have only showcased both my designs and collection at a community African Christmas Party.

Kis-Simba Logo-min_edited.png

Supported by Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission

Supported by Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission

Susana Samuels with her label LavaLani Designs began her fashion journey designing Masi wedding dresses and gowns for friends, family and pageants. Over the years she has explored other aspects of the fashion industry and is now a fully-fledged pattern maker and designer.
She is now focused on specializing in Masi couture gowns using natural bark cloth/ Masi with traditional prints from all over Fiji.  She is also working on putting these prints on Fabric where her end goal is to make Fiji itaukei traditional prints instantly recognizable internationally as Fijian


Astrid Moreno
Supported by The Embassy of El Salvador
files_2023_06_15 (6).png
Supported by Fiji Consulate General & Trade Commission
FOMA 2023 LOGO 23  062023-155.jpg
My Paloma
Eliana Gamboa-Chapman

My Paloma is a fashion and cultural platform that celebrates the unique talent of leading sustainable luxury Latin American designers. Founder, Eliana Gamboa-Chapman works in exclusive partnership with designers and has a deep expertise in fashion curating; bringing you limited edition pieces that honour nature and reinterpret ancestral traditions in contemporary fashion.

More importantly, they all contribute to the skills development and positive engagement of women artisans, while amplifying their voices as a source of knowledge and cultural production. 

NAROK Design

Supported By the Embassy of the
Kingdom of Morocco
narok logo_edited.png

Narok design was founded in 2015 by two women entrepreneurs who share a passion for art and culture by Naima Librahimi and Rokia Bennis. 

NAROK Design collaborates with local artisans to produce high quality products, including caftans and jewellery. Together, they develop modern artistic designs while maintaining traditional manufacturing techniques.

FOMA 2023 LOGO 23  062023-119.jpg

Pooja’s Couture is a Fashion Boutique that made its debut in Sydney's world of fashion last year. From EXCLUSIVE Bridal Lehengas to party wear, offering a vast collection of stunning designs including tailor-made dresses.

Pooja’s Couture believe every woman must feel confident in whatever she decides to wear. Each piece is selected, crafted, and designed specifically to help channel ‘The Rare You’.

Dress Rare, Dress Pooja’s Couture, and be part of our movement to celebrate a woman’s uniqueness as her superpower.

Astrid Moreno
Supported by The Embassy of El Salvador
Pooja's Couture Logo.png
FOMA 2023 LOGO 3 23  062023-48.jpg

Supported by The Embassy of El Salvador

The National Commission for Micro and Small Businesses has brought together all the potential within the Salvadoran fashion industry to created "SMODA - We are Fashion El Salvador." SMODA is a cluster of Salvadoran companies that work in the economic sector of fashion and collaborate strategically for the development of design products. Its mission is to promote El Salvador as an emerging space of creativity, functionality, and quality for dynamizing El Salvador’s fashion industry at a national and international level.    


Astrid Moreno
Supported by The Embassy of El Salvador

Tracey Ann Farrington
Supported by Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission

Tracey Ann created  Bondi Beach Bag Co, where her motivation and passion for beach and resort lifestyle started. She has been a fashion & accessory designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, exporter & importer for over 25 years.

Tracey is extremely humbled to be chosen as one of the lead designers in Fiji to showcase her designs at the Fabrics of Multicultural Australia (FOMA) Fashion Runway and Cultural Exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney.


Astrid Moreno
Supported by The Embassy of El Salvador
Tracey Ann Farrington.jpg

Supported by Fiji Consulate General and Trade Commission

Laisasa is an emerging Fijian fashion designer. A recent fashion graduate with a Bachelor of Fashion Design and recipient of the Fiji Fashion Week Rising Star of the Year Award 2022. Laisasa was given the honour of closing Fiji Fashion Week with a 15-piece collection. 
ELARADI FIJI focus on the luxury resort market, focusing on demi-couture pieces, including evening dresses, tailored garments, basic throw over pieces and swimwear.

Astrid Moreno
Supported by The Embassy of El Salvador
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