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FOMA 2021 showcase

Fabrics of Multicultural Australia (FOMA) supported by Department of Foreign affairs ad Trade, on Thursday 2 December 2021 witnessed one of the largest gatherings of foreign government embassies and artists across two major events attended by over 1000 guests at one of Australia’s premier cultural institutions, the Australian National Maritime Museum which is home to the largest tribute to Australian migration, the Welcome Wall.



The Embassy of Israel in Australia is dedicated to promoting diplomatic relations, economic growth and friendship between the State of Israel and Australia. Like Australia, Israel is a multicultural country built on the dialogue between old and new, and this is reflected in the diverse makeup of Israel material culture. To participate in FOMA is a truly exciting opportunity to share this variety and display the innovative Israeli spirit. We can't wait for you to see what Israel has to offer! 

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The Embassy of The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in Canberra since it was established in 1976 is working to strengthen these relationships especially in the cultural field, this participation in FOMA as a sponsored event by Australian Department of Foreign Affairs comes to show the Jordanian traditional dress. 

This participation will also highlight the role of Jordanian community in Australia which is integrated in the Australian society

Embassy of Jordan.png
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ProChile is an institution from Ministry of Foreign Affairs responsible for the promotion of Chile’s exportable goods and services. ProChile contribute to Chile’s development by internationalising Chilean companies and promoting the country’s image, foreign investment, and tourism through a national and international network of specialised and committed staff. 


ProChile emphasised promoting more inclusive international trade, the economic empowerement of women, improving the indicators of gender equity, decreasing the economic gap, and strengthening companies from Chile’s indigenous Peoples. The companies that are participating in FOMA 2021 are beneficiaries of an agreement wit Chile’s National Corporation for Indigenous Development.

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China Cultural Centre in Sydney is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of understanding and appreciation for Chinese culture and arts through educational and cultural activities. Through close partnership with both private and public sectors, the Centre offers programs that enhance the existing friendship and mutual understanding between China and Australia. The Centre houses a library, an art gallery, a hall and classrooms. It offers Chinese traditional art courses, lectures and seminars on a wide range of subjects, exhibitions and fairs, performances, concerts, film screening and information services.

The Consulate General of Ireland is proud to return to FOMA in 2021. FOMA provides a unique platform for international craftspeople and designers to showcase their work, and Ireland is delighted to have the opportunity to display some of the best traditional and contemporary textiles and crafts the island has to offer. 

The selection of artisan goods that form the exhibit reflect the variety of talent that exists across the Emerald Isle when it comes to quality design.

Ireland CGSydney_Std_Green Logo.png
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The Consulate General of Malta in Sydney with jurisdiction in NSW is headed by Consul-General, Mr Lawrence Buhagiar.  The Consulate offers various services which include citizenships, passports, and visas.  The Consul-General is very active within the Consular Corps and with the Business Community in Australia and facilitates Australian-based companies to do business, invest, and trade in Malta, within the EU and other emergent markets through Malta’s strategic location.  The Maltese Consulate in Sydney will be Promoting Malta and its Rich Culture.




Amelia Jan Tahere Angus.jpg
Amelia Jan Tahere-Angus
Australian Wearable Art

Amelia is an Emerging Wearable Artist and Designer who delights in experimenting with materials not usually associated with clothing and that would normally be discarded and end up in Landfill. Being of Maori heritage, Amelia chose to have Culture reflected in her work as often as she can, mainly with the use of colours and patterns. Amelia has exhibited in Indigenous Runaway Melbourne (GIM) 2018 along with Australian Wearable Art Festival Eumundi 2017 & 2019.


New Zealand
Cynthia Hawkins
Shih Atelier / Australian Wearable Art

Shih is a Chinese Malaysian wearable art artist who create collections with unconventional material that she is familiar with: Paper. Shih has represented Australia & Tasmania in numerous competitions. Cynthia’s invitation to present at FOMA has provided her the opportunity to continue an exploration of the ancient traditions and visual motifs of Chinese culture. The FOMA works will reflect the deep spiritual associations with certain symbols of Buddhism and the ancient Chinese Emperor.



Colleen is a Gomeroi fashion designer that uses her talents to harness the spirit of her Gomeroi ancestors & revive Gomeroi Dreaming Stories through each design. The label Buluuy Mirrii celebrates a range of Aboriginal talents. Commissioned Gomeroi artworks are transformed into fabric patterns by a Gomeroi graphic designer, printed on luxury fabrics and sewn into one-off garments. In FOMA 2021, Colleen will collaborate with an Australian designer, Wendy Scully, a full-time milliner that creates bespoke millinery pieces all year round. Wendy has over 30 years of experience as a sculptor, designer and teacher in Australia & Asia.


Gomeroi Nation, Aboriginal First Nations
designer chile 1.png
  • Aymar Sawuri

  • Huenuman – Silversmithing Mapuche

  • Nain – Contemporary Footware

  • Valeria Martínez

  • Wiñay Marka

  • Yancol Diseño


My Paloma image 8.jpg
Eliana Gamboa-Chapman
My Paloma

Founded by Peruvian born, Sydney based Eliana Gamboa-Chapman, MY PALOMA was built on the premise that good design has the capacity to inspire and transform. For that reason, MY PALOMA is committed to undertake a socially-engaged curatorial practice that offers a curated selection of the best of Latin American design with a strong emphasis on supporting sustainable development through culture.


Latin America
Ilham A Ilham.jpg
Ilham A Ilham
Ilham Ismail

Ilham A Ismail is a modest wear label which is not only about producing beautiful clothing, but primarily focuses on using fashion to make a difference in the world. Being a Lebanese, Muslim woman living in Australia, Ilham feels the need to use her talent in fashion to speak out against racism and educate people in order to promote coexistence and peace in the world. She designs modest wear to encourage woman of her faith to keep up with their beliefs, however the contemporary designs are accessible by all women.



STABLE is proud to participate in FOMA 2021 in collaboration with The FOMA showcase has given STABLE an international platform to present contemporary Irish style, specifically its high-quality Irish linen pieces, to an Australian audience.

With STABLE, we want to celebrate what we as a nation have to offer in the field of design, showcasing pieces crafted with the purest Irish Linen, handwoven Wool, Cashmere, and Alpaca. We are proud to support the extraordinary craftspeople that exist across Ireland, promoting these modern originals to put Ireland on the world stage of luxury textiles where it belongs.

WhatsApp Image 2021-06-23 at 3.42.15 PM.
Jasmine Jeong
Lim Hanbok

Jasmine is an advocate for volunteering and helping the community. Jasmine has experiences & theoretical background in making traditional hanbok for over 10 years. Based on a high understanding of hanbok, Jasmine can skilfully use composition methods, patterns, materials, and details to develop various designs ranging from women to men's wear.

Jasmine also has proudly taken on the family business from Seoul, South Korea to Sydney, operating under ‘limhanbok’.


Sakena the label 9.jpg
Maryam Oria
Sakena The Label

Maryam is the founder of Sakena The Label. She designs jewellery and clothing inspired by vintage Afghan tradition with a modern touch. Her suppliers are the unprivileged women of Afghanistan who help her bring her vision into reality. At the moment, Maryam focuses on conceptual photography and storytelling. Maryam’s work was featured in 4 different international magazines (including a cover feature).


Peter Dwyer.jpg
Peter Dwyer
Australian Wearable Art

Peter is an artist, designer and teacher currently completing a Doctorate of Fine Art at the National Arts School.

Peter is designing three wearable urns that are suggestive of our accompanying shadows; our heritage, culture and personality. 


Peter accepts our place in our heritage and culture (our blood), and builds the characteristics of our nature (our style) as we live. Wearable urns prompt viewers to reflect upon their position to; the urn as a personal notion of living identity.


Wendy Scully
Wendy Scully Millinery

Wendy Scully loved her experience in the 2019 FOMA event held in Sydney. Participating in FOMA allows Wendy to enjoy the learning experience of collaboration and creative expression with other designers. New skills and creative channels are explored with the opportunity to share design thoughts and ideas with designer from another fashion area. FOMA 2019 saw Wendy Scully Millinery create a millinery collection to collaborate with the Charlotte Smith Vintage Collection. The focus of each handmade piece was creating headpieces inspired by the iconic colours of Australian Flora and Fauna, to match the elegant dresses.


Lenny Levi Viner wearing the Radiant necklace.jpg
Zohar Edelshtein Budde

Zohar Edelshtein Budde was born & raised in Israel. After completing MSc in environmental microbiology, she set off traveling in India and unexpectedly settled in Australia. Zohar creates ready to wear, Couture and commissioned Jewellery. Zohar's one-off creations are heirloom and her collections are a reflection of her life's journey and her strong belief in connected existence for all. Through her creative undertakings, in the process of rewiring of consciousness, she expresses the gifts she has gathered along the way and offers it to you as moments of insight into her soul.

Supported by
The Embassy of Israel in Australia
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